Open Water Only (Referral Training)

The required dives to complete certification after 
knowledge development and confined water training. ( Takes at least 2 days ).         $225

SCUBA DIVING CLASSES Recreational Scuba Training



custom arranged pricing.     $1


Standard Open Water Course

Three Days of training, including books, knowledge development, confined water and open water training             $


Knowledge Development Only

Just the classroom portion of the course

including books          $100


Discover Scuba

Try diving as a single experience and explore the underwater world with an instructor. This does not issue a certification, but will be credited towards the open water course if
you choose to become a certified diver and continue your diving vocation.   $ 99


E-learning Open Water Course

After completion of the PADI e-Learning online course 
this is the confined and open water training required to complete certification         $300

scuba diving classes

Scuba Dive Training



This course gets certified divers and their skills 
up to par and gets you ready to dive. This is  suggested if the diver needs to fine tune their skills, prepare for a trip, or if it has been a  substantial amount of time out of the water.     $150

Learn to dive with confidence


Confined Water Only (Pool Training)

The training required in a controlled environment prior to open water dives.          $150