Emergency First Response Combined Courses

Take advantage of the Full Emergency First Response course with a special  discount. This is the best deal for all four specialties.                           $150

Learn to respond to life threatening emergencies through CPR, serious bleeding management, shock management, spinal injuries, and choking.                 $60

 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

 Emergency First response Training Courses

First Aid

Learn primary care and secondary care through taking both the First Aid and CPR course with a special discount.               $100

 First Aid & CPR Combo

EFR Full Course

Automated External Defibrillator

 Care For Children

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Scuba Dive Training

Learn to dive with confidence


Prepares the rescuer to provide emergency care learned in the First Aid and CPR courses for children ages one to eight and infants under a year old.                        $45

Learn to care for injuries and illnesses that are not immediately life threatening such as assessing necessary care and bandaging and splinting.             $60

Teaches basic principles of CPR and how to deploy an AED in an emergency situation. This is a great course for annual retraining sometimes required for the workplace.               $45