Scuba Dive Training

 Emergency First response Training Courses

Automated External Defibrillator

Teaches basic principles of CPR and how to deploy an AED in an emergency situation. This is a great course for annual retraining sometimes required for the workplace.               $45

 Care For Children

Prepares the rescuer to provide emergency care learned in the First Aid and CPR courses for children ages one to eight and infants under a year old.                        $45

EFR Full Course

Take advantage of the Full Emergency First Response course with a special  discount. This is the best deal for all four specialties.                           $150

First Aid

Learn to care for injuries and illnesses that are not immediately life threatening such as assessing necessary care and bandaging and splinting.             $60

 Emergency First Response Combined Courses


First Aid & CPR Combo

Learn primary care and secondary care through taking both the First Aid and CPR course with a special discount.               $100

 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Learn to respond to life threatening emergencies through CPR, serious bleeding management, shock management, spinal injuries, and choking.                 $60

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