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Scuba Dive Training

Learn to dive with confidence


 Divers Alert Network Training Courses

Take advantage of the Full Divers Alert Network course with a special  discount. This is the best deal for all four specialties.                     $250

 Basic Life Support

Focuses on how to obtain essential information about an individual involved in a dive emergency or suspected of having a stroke or serious injury or illness, and how to report to emergency medical services.           $50

Learn to provide emergency oxygen and proper techniques and administration safety. This is a valuable skill for diving and non-diving situations.        $125

Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

DAN provides an extensive and thorough course in First Aid, CPR, Automated External Defibrillator. Widely known and meets ILCOR/AHA Guidelines.         $125


Neurological Assessment

Teaches how to identify and avoid potentially harmful marine life. It also provides first aid skills to minimizes injuries and reduce discomfort.             $50

Divers Alert Network Package of Courses

DAN Full Course

Emergency Oxygen Provider