Advanced Scuba Training Courses


Underwater Navigator

Learn how to develop navigation skills using a compass.       $300


Underwater Videographer

Take your memories home with you and make videos.           $300


Dry Suit Diver

Learn to dive and stay dry when in cold or contaminated water.        $300


Peak Performance Buoyancy

Fine tune your ability to hover and position yourself underwater        $200


Deep Diver

Explore deeper depths and train past 60 feet          $400


Full Face Mask Diver

Full Face Masks Allow you to breath through your nose, talk to your buddy and clear your mask with the push of a purge valve.              $300


Wreck Diver

Explore the excitement of shipwrecks         $400


Enriched Air Diver

Extend your bottom time with NITROX          $150

 Specialty Scuba Training Courses


Adventure Diver

this is the first day of the Advanced open water diver course. this course consists of three dives          $225

Scuba Dive Training


Advanced Open Water Diver

Expand your skills with a selection of adventure dives, including deep, navigation, and  a choice of three specialties.               $350


night diver

Learn to dive in the dark safely         $300

Learn to dive with confidence


Underwater Photographer

Take beautiful photos to share with your friends        $200 


Search and Recovery diver

Find sunken objects and bring them to the surface using a lift bag       $400